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The 7 Deadly Sin And How to stop Them!

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Lets go to Prayer 

The teaching is Call 

The 7 Deadly Sins And How to 

stop Them!

Proverb 6:16-19

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea,

 seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, 

and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked

 imaginations, feet that be swift

 in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, 

and he that soweth discord among brethren.

See each action we do, either 

make you weak or 

strong to do more or less of the 

Things of God

There are 5 major ways thats 

i know of right now and

 i am sure there are more but we 

are going to

 focus on these 5 for now thats 

we can do 

different actions and they can be 

use for holy or unholy

1. Is the mouth and it can speak holy or unholy things

2. Is the mind and it can think holy or unholy things

3. is  the body and it can do holy or unholy things

4. is the ears and it can hear holy or unholy things

5. is the eyes and it can see holy or unholy things

See now if we go back thru proverbs 6:16-19

each one of these sins or actions, they are done 

with the mouth and mind and body and then it go

 down to the heart to make it be almost 1st and 2nd 

nature for you to do them without you even know

 you are doing it, now this same concept or rule

 can be use for good and holy 

things or actions also

now this is what the world and 

the church do all day

 and they don’t even know they 

are doing it

Now to correct this start working 

on what you think 

about and now this start with 

what you listen and

 that is connected with your ears 

and its start with

 what you see with your eyes or 

what you study 

and its also start with what you 

are thinking about 

and a big secret of mys that the 

world and the church 

don’t know about is when, 

darkness try

 to put a unholy thought in my 

mind is, 

and you can write this down if 

you want but no

pressure and my secret is 

praying in tongues in my mind

or praying in the holy ghost in 

your mind 

i remember the 1st time i prayed 

in tongues 

in my mind it was kinda a fight at 


but i learn how to do it and it 

helps so much

Okay lets talk about how the 

world and the 

church can get control of there 


  it is to think before talking and it 

start also 

with what that person have been 


about that whole day and see if 

that person

 put the word in them and then 

they do the 

word and then it will come out

 in their speach and action

See everytimes anyone say 


good it, give them strength to say

 more holy things and if they say

 unholy things it give them 


 to say even more unholy things 


this same concept goes for your 


body, ears, and then it goes

 down to the heart, good or bad

Okay Now this is a Trevino 101

 i keep score with every action i 

do every day and i get 1 point

 for holy things i do that day 

and i get 1/2 point took off for

 unholy things i do that day now

 this is not a commandment this 

is how i keep score because 

Prophet Deckard told us this

 was a big part of how he got 

his flesh in control and by the

 end of the day you can try to 

reach 20 points or whatever 

number you choose to go up 

to, now don’t use this to condemn 

yourself but to kinda use it to 


 what that person need to work 


now this is what i kinda do and 


is not a commandment but 


score was Something Prophet 

Deckard did.

Now any time, anyone ,do 


 darkness go to God and tell 

God ,

what you did unholy. and if 


win the case, darkness can 

come tempt you even more

Now most of the unholy thought 

you have is darkness trying to 

plant bad seed in your mind but 

the key is to rebuke and say a

 bible verse and darkness will 


 now this is war. n a big key is 

to become obsessed with the 


of God and praying 3 times a day 


 a lot and what this does is 


 God and it also help you rebuke 

darkness before they come to 

tempt you ,

another key is try to your best to 


about the word of God and if any 


 or vision pop up, please go tell 

your fellowship

leader and they will tell you how 

all that work.

Now lets talk about the eyes,

 because they are getting 

the world and the church big

 trouble and now if i could tell

 the world and the church on 

how to get looking in the wrong 

place and i would say don’t look 

and if they do look by mistake 


 have about 2  before its not a 

mistake no more but the goal is 


not look at all and with in them 1 

to 2 

second you have to tell 

darkness , 

i you rebuke that and tell 


 every time he try to tempt them, 

you will go to war with him,

 and this goes for looking at the 

wrong things or wrong body part 


someone else and that goes for 


or woman, We can only look at 


spouse in a desirable way, n that 

person must rebuke that and bind 

that spirit up because this help a 


and this is also going to war with 

the enemy. So every time this

 happen them need to rebuke 

and bind that spirit up. Some 

time when you 1st start going 

after this spirit its like the eyes 

will have a mind of its our or 

something but i think they can 

over come it.

Now lets move to the ears

 because this really gets the

church and the world going

 in the wrong way or they could 

go the

right direction and listening to the 

word Of God because it is key ,

but you have to go do the 

word to lock it in your 

memory, because if that person 

only hear,

 and not do the word of God,

 darkness comes in takes, kinda 

like the movie 

Men In Black movie, when they 

do a mind 

 wipe or something ,now thats a 

Trevino 101 

So if you don’t use the word you 

lose the word 

or you can say if you

don’t you it ,you lose it.

And The thing that the world and 

church do all

the time is sowing discord about 

their brother 

also known as talking

negaitive about their brother or 

trying to make

 their brother look lower than 

them and

make their self look better and its 

also a good idea 

for them not to listen to someone 

say these things about

someone, but if you see 

something going on crazy, 

please go tell your fellowship 

leader because telling your 


leader something is being a 

good sheep and its not discord.

We will do a teaching on sheeps

 goats and wolves one day.

The world and the church love to 

lie ,

big and small. The world and the 


have to look at there heart 

every they and how do they do 

this , when ever that 

person in prayer, they can ask

 G-d What did i do wrong that day 


that person can ask G-d that 3 

times a day and 

that can be part of there praying 

and this is a awesome 

way on how to kill a proud look. 

Because i

have seen many fall because 

they did not do, 

this one things and thats how 

this is so important to do this one 


now if the world and the church 

could listen to this

teaching over and over to really, 

understand what i said,

because listening to it one time, 

want get it done for them and i do

 remember Prophet Deckard 

saying the same thing.

See when the world and the 

Church dont know

about the concept and

 secrets you have learn today, 

then there

 heart start deviseing wicked

 imaginations. And Ephraim, next 


Darkness come and tell you 

something negative,

Tell him no weapon formed 

against me shall prosper and 

say i rebuke and be bound in 

Yeshua Name 

And on That note lets Close in Prayer

Lets Pray

and remember to count the omer 

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I and Thank you so Much and

 try to toon in for the next teaching, 

and Remember Be hear and 

doers of the Word and God Bless

 You And Have A bless Day, 

Shalom And Love You All.

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