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How to Control Your Mind

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Lets go to Prayer 

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The Teaching Is Call 

How to Control Your Mind

This Teaching is so important

 because the word of God say 

what ever a person thinks, 

thats who that person is 

and thats what will

come out there month and 

thats what their body will do and 

thats what their actions will be

and then thats what will go down 

in there heart and then it will 

become 1st and 2nd nature to 


now that person can have good 

or bad 

things going on in their mind 

and thats all up to that person 


that person can change that to 

good or

bad thoughts whenever you want 

they can change that 

mind for good or for bad

and its all up to them. 

See whatever their 1st and 2nd

 nature respond on how they

 respond to things, most of 

the time thats ,what is in 

that person heart 

Knowing how to control 

thier mind is a great concept to 

make it far with God 

Lets read 

1 Chronicles 28:9 

And thou, Solomon my son,

 know thou the God of thy father,

 and serve him with a perfect heart

 and with a willing mind: 

for the Lord searcheth all hearts, 

and understandeth all the

 imaginations of the thoughts:

 if thou seek him, he will be

 found of thee; but if thou

 forsake him, he will cast thee off for ever.

Guarding your mouth is so 

important also and only 

speak good thing is the key.

now for the Prophets there are 

more responsible and more 

rules and they have to

 talk about the good, bad and the 

ugly because they are God 

judges but 

thats for another topic and 

its good to protect your family 

from someone trying to 

hurt you or your family, 

meaning self defense

 is good, okay lets get back to ,

 how to control the mind.

 See with the world the thing,

 that hinders them is 

they don’t know how to 

control their mind 

But Ephraim know how .

Getting the mind together is

 one way on how God get 

people attention to get closer to 


See the mind can give birth to the 

good bad or the ugly and thats 

all up to the world and the

church on what they give birth to.

But For Ephraim house 

We will serve the Lord 

see most of the things that 

pop up in their mind are old 

seeds that was planted by 

other people, places or things

See if they put judges 

and polices over their our

eyes and mouth and ears and 

minds and not don’t worry 

about everyone else they

 could come here with us, Now 

how to war against this wrong 


coming into our mind, anytime 


somethings that try to comes in 

your mind.

Like i said before i pray in my 


and the next thing is a Parker 1o1 

and i use

about 5 principles of things i try to 

think about everyday into five 


1)required thinking, thinking about 

how to teach the word so 

people can understand and 

what the word say and what Godly 

things you can think of to make

 you think of more Godly things and 

what do the word say think about for 

that topic  

2) thinking what must be avoided; 

false thinking, what is false

 thinking , well it not having all

 the fact on how to handled 

a topic or a situation and how do a 

person excommunicdo or 

get deliver of false thinking, 

hear the word and do word ,

 lets keep moving n also 

thinking bad about your brother 

and thinking about sin.

3) Disgraceful thinking;

 this can be call idle thinking.

 the mind being busy about nothing

 and just thinking about meanlyless 


 stuff that do not get you close to 

G-d or stuff you can not change

4) Desirable thinking,what 

do God say think about and what 


things you can think of to make 

you think of more Godly things

5) Permissible thinking, 

thinking of ways to pursuit of 


of your livelihood and career 


how to figure out what your talents

 are to help build the nation Of Israel 

and jobs you can do to 

get to where you need to get 

Luke 1:51 

51 He hath shewed strength with 

his arm; he hath scattered the

proud in the imagination of their hearts.

see everything they do

Every day all day, makes a 

mental images

Every time they speak, see, hear, 

or think of a person, place or 

things a image in 

created good or bad ugly. see the 

world has 

never been taught to say i rebuke 

any bad or ugly thing that try to 

come in 

see everyone know what 

subliminal language is

 see about 99.9 % of people in 

the world do 

 subliminal language on them 

selve every day all 

with the good bad n ugly with 

some doing 

more bad or some doing 

more good but that is all up to 


Today we are going to talk about 

some of the best weapon of war 


 fight the devil back and bit him at 

his our game 

okay lets do a quick experiment

i am going to say a few words 

and then you watch what happen,

McDonald arch and, big mac , 

milk shake and french fries. now 

you see what happened and 

how the images came into your 

head and now is that good or 


depending on how you believe 

the bible, now lets investigate 

what happen and when i said 

the word McDonald Arch, Logo 

the picture pop up in your mind 

and i just gave McDonald free 

advertising and you see i did 

not tell no one to go to McDonald, 

all i did is plant the seed of 

McDonald arch and this is how

 darkness control the masses ,

is by planting seed and they 

don’t put the words or images

 in any good bad or ugly context

 most of the time, and all they 

would do is say the word or flash 

the McDonald arch and the seed 

is planted and now i am going to 

rip the image of McDonald out of 

mind as for example on how to 


things out of my spirit man ,

 this same concept go for 

everything that is not the word 

of God and all you do is say 

i rip that out my spirit man 

Yeshua name and i rip it out 

my conscience and unconscious 

in Yeshua name and Satan

 i bind you from that in Yeshua

 name now if the image try to pop

 itself back up n this go for any 

image, all you do is replace 

it with another image of 


 out of the word or something

 want to do, Now lets give this 

a go, say if the image of you 

staying in the State or staying 

where you at pop in your mind, 

all you do is rebuke it and 

change the image of you 

being on the TCI Island with 

Prophet Todd now you may 

have to do this many time so 

this get down into your heart 

and I know everyone remember 

Prophet Deckard telling us, 

that you have to see it 1st before 

you can do it and this is a 

awesome way on how to do that.

lets go to

Hebrew 4:12 For the word of 

God is quick, and powerful, 

and sharper than any twoedged 


 piercing even to the dividing 

asunder of soul and spirit,

 and of the joints and marrow,

 and is a discerner of the 

thoughts and intents of the heart.

meaning the word can cut down 

any ungodly thought from 


now what is the meaning of a 


it is a thought or suggestion as to 

a possible course of action.

now what are some  synonym of 


and they are concept, image, 

impression, mind’s 

eye, notion, picture, thought. 

Everyone and the world and 

the church have heard the 

saying a idle mind is the devil 

playground meaning if that 

person don’t make their mind

 think of the things of God, 

then darkness will give

 them something to think of! 

now if the world and the

 church really think about 

what the next verse i am 

going to read the may 

really think about what

 they think about all day 

Genesis 6:

And God saw that the 

wickedness of man was 

great in the earth, and 

that every imagination 

of the thoughts of his

 heart was only evil continually.

now these next verse is 

something i like to meditate

 on and say when darkness

 try to tell me something 

the opposite of what the bible

2 Corinthians 10:5 

Casting down imaginations,

 and every high thing that 

exalteth itself against the 

knowledge of God, and

 bringing into captivity every 

thought to the obedience of Christ;

that is a awesome verse to say

 every time a un Godly 

thought come in your mind 

Now you can apply the concepts 

you learn today and apply it to 

the things that you speak and

 the things you hear and the 

things you look at and that 

things you do with your body

And on That note lets Close in Prayer

Lets Pray

I would like to say Thank You 

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come back in listen to this 

over and over because

 like Prophet Deckard

 said no one in the world can 

learn everything in a 

teaching by listen to it one time

and Remember Be hear and 

doers of the Word and God Bless

 You All And Have A bless Day, 

Shalom And Love You All.

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