Testament Of Reuben Part 2 – PROPHET TODD BERNICK

The testements of the Patricarchs. Part 2 

Prophet Deckard said that they would first have quarantines and that they would lie about the H5N1 virus.  

Scientists Have Created a ‘Contagion’-Strength Virus – The Atlantic


18 Feb 2012  Scientists have successfully mutated the H5N1 bird flu virus into one that could kill hundreds of millions. … more severe than the 1918-19 outbreak of Spanish flu — which was … We want to hear what you think about this article. … 4 The Secret to Germany’s COVID19 Success: Angela Merkel Is a Scientist.

The atlantic news April 24th   If the flu and coronavirus hit at the same time this fall, America might have a longer, more severe lockdown? 

Sars is covid and mers is covid

If you expect the Lord to give you a job on a silver platter your badly mistaken.  Your doubt and unbelief of leaving america is now removing all the faith you had of the angels bringing it forth.  Gd wants you to take a step of faith. You had already been told to flee america 10 years ago what more do you need?  What happens Ephraim if you get stuck in America and you missed your time of visitation?  You must take the first steps.

Prophet said in visions for america that the president would call for quarantines!

The businesses Gd told prophet deckard would be shut down by the government world wide.

Enoch 91: 4   Love uprightness and walk there in and draw not nigh to uprightness with a double heart.  And associate not with those of a double heart.  

Those that have left me and turned their backs in the day of battle are double minded.   Remove the wicked from among you.  

Gd said through Prophet you are to flee america.  What will you do?  Will you continue to wait until it is comfortable?    

2. For until my father’s death I had not boldness to look in his face, or to speak to any of my brethren, because of the reproach. 

We have ex leaders that won’t even blush because of their rebellion.  See some people don’t realise that the door may close on them and Gd not allow them to go to the promise land.  We are at war so saith the Lord Gd.   During a time of war Gd is going to get certain things accomplished.  

3 Even until now my conscience causeth me anguish on account of my impiety. 

4 And yet my father comforted me much, and prayed for me unto the Lord, that the anger of the Lord might pass from me, even as the Lord showed. 

5 And thenceforth until now I have been on my guard and sinned not. 

6 Therefore, my children, I say unto you, observe all things whatsoever I command you, and ye shall not sin. 

7 For a pit unto the soul is the sin of fornication, separating it from God, and bringing it near to idols, because it deceiveth the mind and understanding, and leadeth down young men into Hades before their time. 

8 For many hath fornication destroyed; because, though a man be old or noble, or rich or poor, he bringeth reproach upon himself with the sons of men and derision with Beliar. 

9 For ye heard regarding Joseph how he guarded himself from a woman, and purged his thoughts from all fornication, and found favour in the sight of God and men. 

10 For the Egyptian woman did many things unto him, and summoned magicians, and offered him love potions, but the purpose of his soul admitted no evil desire. 

11 Therefore the God of your fathers delivered him from every evil and hidden death. 

12 For if fornication overcomes not your mind, neither can Beliar overcome you. 

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