Testaments Of The Twelve Patriarchs – Reuben Part 1 – PROPHET TODD BERNICK


The First-Born Son of Jacob and Leah. CHAP. I. 

The sons of Jacob had lives that they lived and many ways great men of Gd.   For those of you that are not tainted with Nephilim blood nor have allow this wicked world to mess with your DNA.  That is exactly what the chem trails and the vaccinations are all about. The vaccinations they will not tell you what is in them.  So they are from aborted babies, rat DNA, human DNA mixed with plant DNA and make an abomination.  Obama get it? Also the third is the drappa Hyda cell sensor in other words nano tech. These nanoites then assemble in your body where ever it was injected.  It will then fuse to your tissues. This is the micro chip.  This will grow inside of you because remember it is a rat and plant DNA supposedly in you.  This will make you one with artificial intelligence. You will become your own computer that can interface.  Every man woman and child will have to have this sensor or chip.  Because it will alert public officials that you are sick even before you know you are sick.  They will also know if you are eating right and exercising properly. This is total surveillance.  this will be required to get us back to normal.   America will never be great again so saith the mouth of Elijah. We will never go back to the normal Sodom as we have been for since 1994.     They want to Satan wants to change your DNA so you will never have a chance for eternal life.  Think about it Ephraim.  For those of you sitting that used to sit under those Gd forsaken prophets because they didn’t strongly encourage you to get out of Sodom.  Now they think that GD will change His mind about America.  They have forsaken their first love.  Let them be cursed of Gd.  They have been seduced away and are now in the place of Nimrod.  I hope the door is not closed for those that have left.   

I also want you to understand that Prophet Deckard said that the government would lie until they couldn’t hide it anymore about the H5N1 virus.  Please understand and read between the lines.   Many of you have listen to the lie and are being seduced by that powerful spirit which has taken over so many Ephraimites.   You must stay close to me and understand.  I feel very uncomfortable saying that but that is what is has come down to.  We will instruct those as it has said in Daniel. 

Gen 35:22  And it came to pass, H1961  when Israel H3478  dwelt H7931  in that H1931  land, H776  that Reuben H7205  went H1980  and lay with H7901  ( H853 ) Bilhah H1090  his father’s H1  concubine: H6370  and Israel H3478  heard H8085  it. Now the sons H1121  of Jacob H3290  were H1961  twelve: H8147 H6240

For those of you that are watching movies and don’t fast forward the nude parts shame on you.  Pull your eyes Ephraim away from this fornication against this living Gd or He will replace you in this army.  Come out of her  Come out of the whore!!

There are many details which I believe you need to hear.  For they were commanded so. The so-called prophets will keep you from because of their own kingdom building. 

Here are some details regarding the regrets and the victories that our forefathers had in the world of life.  The sons of Jacob are truly our forefathers and that is our heritage and our destiny is what they fought for.  You and I will need to fight and Gd will take us back to the promise land.

You Ephraim are more than an overcomer.

What does that mean?

Reuben, the first-born son of Jacob and Leah. The man of experience counsels against fornication and points out the ways in. which men are most apt to fall into error. 

THE Copy of the Testament of Reuben, even the commands which he gave his sons before he died in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life. 

2 Two years after the death of Joseph his brother, when Reuben fell ill, his sons and his sons’ sons were gathered together to visit him. 

3 And he said to them: My children, behold I am dying, and go the way of my fathers. 

4 And seeing there Judah, and Gad, and Asher, his brethren, he said to them: Raise me up that I may tell to my brethren and to my children what things I have hidden in my heart, for behold now at length I am passing away. 

5 And he arose and kissed them, and said unto them: Hear, my brethren, and do ye my children, give ear to Reuben your father, in the commands which I give unto you. 

6 And behold I call to witness against you this day the God of heaven, that ye walk not in the sins of youth and fornication, wherein I was poured out, and defiled the bed of my father Jacob. 

7 And I tell you that he smote me with a sore plague in my loins for seven months; and had not my father Jacob prayed for me to the Lord, the Lord would have destroyed me. 

8 For I was thirty years old when I wrought the evil thing before the Lord, and for seven months I was sick unto death. And after this I repented with set purpose of my soul for seven years before the Lord. 

10 And wine and strong drink I drank not, and flesh entered not into my mouth, and I ate no pleasant food; but I mourned over my sin, for it was great, such as had not been in Israel. 

11 And now hear me, my children, what things I saw concerning the seven spirits of deceit, when I repented. 

12 Seven spirits therefore are appointed against man, and they are the leaders in the works of youth. 

13 And seven other spirits are given to him at his creation, that through them should be done every work of man. 

14 The first is the spirit of life, with which the constitution of man is created. 

15 The second is the sense of sight, with which ariseth desire. 

16 The third is the sense of hearing, with which cometh teaching. 

17 The fourth is the sense of smell, with which tastes are given to draw air and breath. 

18 The fifth is the power of speech, with which cometh knowledge. 

19 The sixth is the sense of taste, with which cometh the eating of meats and drinks; and by it strength is produced, for in food is the foundation of strength. 

20 The seventh is the power of procreation and sexual intercourse, with which through love of pleasure sins enter in. 

Notice here the love of pleasure is mentioned here.  You have to decide are you going to give way to the love of pleasure or give way to the love of Gd.  Of course the pleasure with your spouse only male with female non of this fagot crap which is an abomination. But Gd gave you your spouse if they are Ephraim for to enjoy the pleasure part as well.  

21 Wherefore it is the last in order of creation, and the first in that of youth, because it is filled with ignorance, and leadeth the youth as a blind man to a pit, and as a beast to a precipice. 

22 Besides all these there is an eighth spirit of sleep, with which is brought about the trance of nature and the of death. 

23 With these spirits are mingled the spirits of error. 

24 First, the spirit of fornication is seated in the nature and in the senses; 

25 The second, the spirit of insatiableness in the belly; 

26 The third, the spirit of fighting ( strife ), in the liver and gall. 

27 The fourth is the spirit of obsequiousness and chicanery, (flattery and trickery) that through officious attention one may be fair in seeming. ( in order that through excessive effort one might appear to be at the height of his powers)  

28 The fifth is the spirit of pride, that one may be boastful and arrogant. 

(Come on some of you want to make yourself look better than what you are? Right?  Come on now admit it.  We have all done it.  Some of you just don’t realise that you do that.  Some of you have a real hard time talking about your downfalls or mistakes.  But listen Ephraim use them to encourage people to do good.  Some of you are not discipling anyone yet.  You are supposed to be leaders of something.  You need to pour your life into someone.  By the way if they are an unbeliever ask them if they want the things of Gd.  If they show no interest get away from them and run because judgement is at their door.  You are to say next and go to the next person.  You are to win souls and he who does so is wise.  Proverbs 

Pro 11:30  The fruit H6529  of the righteous H6662  is a tree H6086  of life; H2416  and he that winneth H3947  souls H5315  is wise. H2450

29 The sixth is the spirit of lying, in perdition and jealousy to practise deceits, and concealments from kindred and friends. 

Some of you have been hiding too long the things you should be getting out of your hidden closet which Gd sees and your unforgiveness with people.  You are the apple of Gd’s eye now walk in His ways.

30 The seventh is the spirit of injustice, with which are thefts and acts of rapacity (crocked dealings) , that a man may fulfil the desire of his heart; for injustice worketh together with the other spirits by the taking of gifts. 

31 And with all these the spirit of sleep is joined which is that of error and fantasy. 

Some sleep too much because of depression and some don’t sleep enough for you are always on edge. 

32 And so perisheth every young man, darkening his mind from the truth, and not understanding the law of God, nor obeying the admonitions of his fathers, as befell me also in my youth. 

33 And now, my children, love the truth, and it will preserve you: hear ye the words of Reuben your father. 

34 Pay no heed to the face of a woman, 

35 Nor associate with another man’s wife, 

36 Nor meddle with affairs of womankind. 

37 For had I not seen Bilhah bathing in a covered place, I had not fallen into this great iniquity. 

38 For my mind taking in the thought of the woman’s nakedness, suffered me not to sleep until I had wrought the abominable thing. 

39 For while Jacob our father had gone to Isaac his father, when we were in Eder, near to Ephrath in Bethlehem, Bilhah became drunk and was asleep uncovered in her chamber. 

40 Having therefore gone in and beheld her nakedness, I wrought the impiety without her perceiving it, and leaving her sleeping departed. 

41 And forthwith an angel of God revealed to my father concerning my impiety, and he came and mourned over me, and touched her no more. 


PAY no heed, therefore, my children, to the beauty of women, nor set your mind–on their affairs; but walk in singleness of heart in the fear of the Lord, and expend labour on good works, and on study and on your flocks, until the Lord give you a wife, whom He will, that ye suffer not as I did. 

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